Zorgboulevard Rotterdam

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Zorgboulevard Rotterdam


In the southern part of Rotterdam, on initiative of the Medical Centre Rijnmond- South, which will be moving to a new location during 2010, a cluster of medical services will be developed: apart from the hospital itself, there will be a psychiatric centre, home care, a general practitioner’s office, et cetera, but also some more commercial services that fit in the concept of the cluster, such as a fitness centre and relevant retail.


The concept of this medical cluster is  very innovative, in the sense that the aspiration is not to establish a centrally directed proposition or a geographically based clustering, but to develop more  or less spontanuous dynamics between the participants and the whole of the initiative. In other words, the concept strives for crossovers, that can lead to innovation in health care.


Such a cencept can only be successful if  it is understood both by the participants themselves as by the environment. Its intentions need to be clear enough to build a scenario, a common goal to be aspired. The environment (visitors, patients and stakeholders) need to be able to discern the added value of the area and to base their commitment on that. Especially in the Dutch situation, where market dyna­mics are being introduced in the health  sector. It results in the need for not only  a strategic, but also a communicative approach. The communicative concept is therefore based on showing the desired dynamics and relations between parts  and whole of the initiative. It consists of  a representation of the Zorgboulevard Rotterdam as a shopping mall for health care.


Total Identity was involved in the definition of the strategy itself and produced the communicative concept. We translated  the concept into a name (‘Zorgboulevard Rotterdam’, which means ‘Health Care Boulevard Rotterdam’) and a self- explicative and appealing corporate identity, showing the name and design  in one, easily comprehensible statement:  a shopping bag. This bag has two sides, one showing the overall identity of  the Zorgboulevard Rotterdam, the other showing the respective identities of the participants in the initiative. Not one bag is the same, but they are all connected.


This basic idea was worked out in all relevant communicative domains: basic elements, such as brand, colour use, typography, photography and grid, but  also in stationery, editorial design, environmental design, online media and audiovisuals. Every participant is free  to use the corporate identity in the way  he sees fit: from sending a letter using  the Zorgboulevard Rotterdam letterhead  to advertising, and from creating his own brochures to participating in the general website.


Basic communication instruments have been made available to all participants and can be used as needed in the different situations that they face. There is a corporate website, a general introductory movie (produced by Total Identity in cooperation with AfXion from Seville, Spain), a general corporate brochure  et cetera; but also there are possibilities  to develop separate communication instruments for cooperations between participants and products that might be developed in those. The Zorgboulevard Rotterdam is a goal for the participants and recognizable place for the environ­- ment. In the coming years, the challenge will be to develop this concept further  and further.