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AgentschapNL, Groen 2012

The question

Driven by its new ambitious ‘Energy & Transition’ policy, AgentschapNL started to draw up a plan in 2011 to bring together sustainable entrepreneurs over the coming years, on a regional level. This market-driven program was set to begin with a B-to-B congress, where match-making (speed-dating) for entrepreneurs having similar sustainability goals was the central focus point. Noord-Nederland was chosen as a pilot region, because of its already growing ambition to become the ‘energy valley’ of the Netherlands.

The challenge

Total Active Media was called upon in December 2011 to roll-out an integrated online campaign, including a visual style with international allure, a campaign site, mobile site and an online match-making ticketing system, based on the offer and demand of sustainable entrepreneurs.

The concept

It all began with the re-thinking of a communication strategy (building green business), including the name ‘Groen2012’ and the setup of a ‘sustainable’-looking house style. The pre-event campaign website and event mobile website were therefore built and customized on a flexible platform (Wordpress) that allows for daily updates and changes of content and is able to easily fit in new requirements. At the same time we carried out a pro-active campaign with the help of guerilla banners on partner website, multiple conversations started on relevant LinkedIn groups, plus the deployment of online influencers and the activation of the Groen2012 partners in their own relevant networks.

The added value

On February 22nd, the day before the congress, we had 409 subscribed participants and there were over 100 online tickets booked for face-to-face meetings. Therefore, on the day of the congress there was a variety of speed-dating taking place: participants who were looking for a potential business partner in green business, or asking for advice from the experts and advisors of the congress themes (new government regulations).The results at a glance:    •    16,881 website visitors in 2 months,    •    who each browsed the website actively for an average of 4 minutes    •    ‘Groen2012’ had over 41,000 hits in Google on February 23rd    •    11% from all website visitors browsed the mobile website (via a smart-phone)    •    On the day of the congress the mobile site had 1833 visits    •    Around 30% of the website visitors were referred from the green-related discussions started on LinkedIn groups and Twitter updates, thanks to the online buzz-generating campaign    •    Groen2012 was a success purely driven by online word-of-mouth activation and engagement    •    There were over 1000 tweets about Groen2012 (not counting the number of re-tweets)    •    The participants have evaluated the congress with the help of an online survey and found it ‘excellent’, all the more reason for a new spring roll-out of the ‘Groen’ program in the South of Netherlands.