Van Leeuwen (UK)

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Van Leeuwen


Van Leeuwen is an industrial service supplier in pipes and pipe applications, that operates on a worldwide scale. Because of our focus on the industry and energy markets, our company has specialized knowledge and experience with specific business segments. We closely work together with clients in long term relationships to perform top complex projects, basing our services on unique concepts. Our optimized logistical network ensures worldwide availability of our materials and of our experience and knowledge, and enables us to answer any question by our clients.


The Van Leeuwen Buizen Group internationally consists of a large diversity of company names and, in some cases, company trademarks. Nowadays, Van Leeuwen operates on an worldwide scale. To be recognizable and trustworthy, we need a strong brand. Therefore, we decided to build a strong brand with ‘Van Leeuwen’ as the leading name in the basic trademark. Van Leeuwen. One company, one brand.


In order to face our new challenges as a worldwide company, Van Leeuwen developed a corporate story and a new trademark, both based on the company strategy for the next years. Our corporate story shows our origins, our development, ambitions and values. Our identity and values are also expressed by our new trademark.


Based on the history of the Van Leeuwen trademark in its earlier versions, we decided for an evolutionary development of our new trademark. The two lions and the shield are preserved as a link with our history, and this heraldic language has been modernized to meet the demands of freshness and authenticity of our times.